Sonic.exe : Nightmare Beginning Remake | Secrets, Easter Eggs & Cheats!

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Sonic.exe : NB Remake (Green Hill Demo)
Remake of @JaizKoys about his first popular .exe online game!

Made by: @JaizKoys
Game’s page:
Outro Song:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Data Select Cheats & Demonstration
01:46 Jaizkoys easter egg
02:39 Capsule : Glitchy-ring secret
03:49 Typical_355 (Normal Victoria) easter egg
05:10 Typical_355 (Victoria.exe) easter egg
05:47 Blood hill exploration (Normal way)
10:02 Blood hill exploration (Star balloons way)
11:08 Blood hill exploration (Underwater way 1)
13:44 Blood hill exploration (Underwater way 2)
14:52 Outro

#Sonicexe #Exe #NBRemake

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