The Disappointing 'End' of Battle Cats Rangers

Battle Cats Rangers Hack

Battle Cats Rangers Hack

Food and XP HACK

Battle Cats Rangers came out too early in development, garnered little interest, as well as for those which stuck together with it, ended in a way which looks ridiculous for a clicker online game. It’s a sad story, truly…

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You see a cramp-on his like a tampon but for your wrist… whenever it bleeds from clicking too much… together with the is the new battle cats spin-off online game.

Check the online game out here:

The Battle Cats’ spin off online game ‘Battle Cats Rangers’ is now available!!

Weirdly cute cats are coming!!
Make an army as well as move forward! The Battle Cats Rangers!

◎Easy control◎
・ Tap Tap together with one finger as well as the hero cat will zap zap the opponents!
・ The Battle Cat team will auto-attack the opponents!

◎RPG aspect◎
・ Level up as well as train skill to make your battle cat hero stronger!
・ Collect additional battle cats as well as level up your battle cat team!

◎Enjoy limitless loop◎
・ Prestige to enhance the battle cat hero!
・ Get mysterious treasure after prestige!
・ Solve the enigma as well as combine battle cats to have special buff!
・ Summon spirit to make battle cats much stronger!

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The maynon is by simple a laser maynon but may be developed in together withder to obtain different effects which use materials collected from SoL (Stories of Legend) to construct different skills such as freeze, very slow, knockback, barrier breaker, holy blast (effective against zombies), water blast which is successful against metal opponents who take one damage per hit even if the cat has high damage. Only dangerous strikes cats may damage metal opponents harshly.
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No Root : Unlock Battle Cats Characters Hack Tutorial

Battle Cats Hack Game Guardian

Battle Cats Hack Game Guardian

Food and XP HACK

Using Redmi Note Android 10 Phone Non-rooted.
Using Battle Cats v9.9
Parallel Space 64-bit :
Parallel Space :
Game Guardian :

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Battle Cat Cat Food Hack

Battle Cat Cat Food Hack

Food and XP HACK


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The battle cats cat food hack (500 subs)

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The Battle Cats is a totally free-to-play tower defense online game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS as well as Android mobile devices, which first emerged in Japan under the name Nyanko Daisensou (meaning “Nyanko Great War”).
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The Battle Cats – How to Get Rare Ticket (v9.5)

Battle Cats Ticket Hack

Battle Cats Ticket Hack

Food and XP HACK

Hi, everyone! Today, I am going to tell how to get rare ticket(v9.5).
The recording is from my old video(v9.4) but the info is updated until v9.5.

Do I miss anything? Let me know in the comment under.
Thanks for watching!
See you in the next video.

KODOMOi – Cloudy
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So as you could probably tell Im very proud of how together with the video turned out.
I have to say now that I have used track rolls i realise that the gacha system isnt LUCK its CHANCE, luck meaning per individual roll as well as chance meaning all the rolls in once.
Basically whenever you complete Japan EOC1 you will unlock the gacha system (and most different things) as well as that is whenever battle cats creates all the rolls you will ever get EVER, as well as there’s no changing that.
To use track roll you have to roll 1-10 capsules BUT test AT LEAST 6 together with the chances of it being wrong are reletively high…
Go to the second link (unless you did ten)
Then roll another capsule as well as if its correct keep using that chart as well as cross off the cats you roll.
This is so useful for predicting the uber events though EG. one event you could get coppermine OR you could not roll it as well as wait for uberfest as well as get something like Miko Mitama (who is MUCH superior -3 )
Same goes for LEGENDS..
Anyways thats all I have to say..
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