Battle Cats Beginners' Guide | How to Beat Jailbreak Tunnel as well as The Great Escaper; no gacha (S6E4)

Battle Cats Jailbreak

Battle Cats Jailbreak

Food and XP HACK

Mini-guides for all of the stages in the Stories of Legend’s Jailbreak Tunnel subchapter. The last stage is The Great Escaper, that’s arguably the end goal of a beginner’s SoL quest, as it awards the player their third big-ticket legend unit.

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Chapter Points:
00:50 Sin as well as Punishment
03:40 Prison Sentence
06:06 Harry Tunnel
11:09 Dead Falls
15:07 Pitfall Zone
18:20 The Great Escaper
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The Battle Cats is a totally free-to-play tower defense game developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS as well as Android mobile devices, which first emerged in Japan under the name Nyanko Daisensou (meaning “Nyanko Great War”).
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The Battle Cats | Update 7.2: The Cats of the Cosmos Ch.2 Update

Battle Cats Fix

Battle Cats Fix

Food and XP HACK

We’ve waited since update 6.5, and finally, the next chapter of the space-adventuring story is upon us, ‘the Passion of Cat God’…

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▶ Music: Tracy Beaker Returns Ragtime Theme

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Thanks PONOS for fixing the bug and for other players who were affected by the bug!Good thing I transported my account to another device and got it back! 😀

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The Battle Cats | Timezone Event Exploit

Battle Cats Fix

Battle Cats Fix

Food and XP HACK

The Battle Cats | Timezone Event Exploit

Version 9.3 brought some bug fixes including fixing timezone exploiting.

*Remember to go back in order, don’t jump from -7 to -9 to -8. Always Go. In. Order.*

Just follow what I’m doing in the video.
Don’t ever start fucking with your date and time and setting them forward from the current time, this will result in red text.

Only use timezones to travel in time and only go back with the date 2 days before going forward again to reset the recovery mode.

With this method you can only go back with timezones, if you go forward the event stage will not reset.

(works for facing danger)
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Battle Cats True Form Hack (All Basic Cats) (+Max Level) – Tutorial [2020]

Battle Cats Fix

Battle Cats Fix

Food and XP HACK

Tutorial on How To Unlock True Forms of all basic cats.
From Basic Cat to Titan Cat.

Rooted Phone
Game Guardian
Updated Battle Cats App
*Finished Chapter 1 (to the moon)
*If you don’t know how to hack and not capable of.. Then stay updated for giveaways. Giveaways has all basic units/cats set level to 30, and finishing chapter 1 will automatically unlock their true forms.

Once true form unlocked, you can send me your account and let me see if i can max their levels.

For those people who requests to unlock ALL CATS form and max their level, DEFINITELY I can’t do that, because it needs progress. Finishing stages requires so much time for just one account.

For those people who have trouble of being late, comment your country and time zone. So i will adjust some giveaways to your timezone and schedule them.

If you want me to hack your battle cats account such as replenishing XP and cat foods and unlocking all character then you can send me an email: [email protected]

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This information works up until v6.6. Any change in future update is not covered in this video.

There is 2 method of time travel: Time Travel by Timezone and Time Travel by Change Date.

Time Travel by Timezone is basically just changing your current timezone to other, forward up to GMT +13 and backward up to GMT -11. This method is very useful since it allows you to play events earlier with missed. It also has no backdraw as long as you don’t change the date/clock. But since the change is based on timezone, you can’t freely chose an exact time to travel. It might be bad if you need to arrive at certain time like Flower Awakens.

Time Travel by Date Change is manually change your date/clock. This covers what the previous method. But it has more things to take note.
1. You can’t time travel backward with this. Say if you are at date 25 12am, changing to date 24 won’t work.
2. You can only time travel up to 36 hours forward. Beyond that, it will give you Recovery Mode.
3. Changing time manually will give you Red Text Error. You won’t recover any energy and Gamatoto+Ototo progress is halted. The only way to remove it is only wait. That’s why before you doing it, you have to consider carefully before you doing this.

And the last section is about how to remove Recovery Mode. In case you can’t read the step:
1. Go to setting
2. Set date to automatic, and turn it off again
3. Move date 2 days backward
4. Go to Battle Cats aps (make sure the BC pop up before move to next step)
5. Back to setting, make the date back to normal
6. Go to BC and Recovery Mode is gone (any Red Text Error is still sticking tho)


Music used:
Gothic Machine