The Battle Cats – I'll Be Bug || The Old Queen (Merciless) (Speedrun)

Battle Cats Bug

Battle Cats Bug

Food and XP HACK

Yes I’ve done it. I have finished uploading the video just a few minutes before new year. I wish you, my subscribers/viewers, a happy new year. Save all the stage mechanism later. Now let’s enjoy the New Year’s Eve party first.

Like other Queen Bee events, Queen Mother V also plays a minor threat here. The previous events has the Sloth, Cyberhorn/ Dark Otter as obstacles to prevent your army pushing inside her blindspot. In this event, we have Professor A. – the most annoying enemy in the game – stood guard over Queen Mother V. Normally in SOL, Professor A. has an army in front which is comfortable for us to snipe him using shockwave or LD but now he goes ALONE. He is truly an asshole here being both destructive and invincible at the same time.

Prod A. has 640k HP, deals 17000 dps constantly with a standing range of 501 and 20% chance to slow, a moving fortress himself. And if you can’t kill the 1st Prof A. in around 2 and a half minutes, the 2nd one will come out. At this point you are pretty much dead.

To deal with him you need either ultimate tankers or rush units + Thunderbolt so the best uber/ legend rare cat to carry the stage are: MK3, B.C.S Lion Heart (Dodge Talent), Eva 02, High Lord Babel, Kai, Madoka, Yukimura…
Pai Pai is the best unit to use here cause she has both offense and defense against Prof A. A lv 50 Pai Pai can comfortably 2-hit Prof. A. Here I use combo so I don’t have to boost her to high level.

Also Relic doge can be really annoying here as well. But I speedrun-ed to avoid dealing with him.

Actually kind of disappointed with this remake of Queen Bee because she offers absolutely nothing new. She can CURSE which disable all status debuff but it’s Prof A we taking about here, only brute force could hurt him so ‘Curse’ is nearly pointless here. The only unit I can thing of that could be disadvantaged by ‘Curse’ here is Sushi.

Stage drop Slime Cat, best shockwave cat and arguably the best offensive cat in the whole game. If he will be receiving a True Form and if his true form increases his range by 30-50, damn I can die happily. A must bring in 4-star and probably every Dojo ranking event.


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[The Battle Cats][Bug] – Weird Screen

Battle Cats Bug

Battle Cats Bug

Food and XP HACK

Alright so to give context, I was turning on Battle Cats again to retry this stage, but I did press the Home button on my iPhone in the midst of it loading, then I came back to the app and went to continue, and this happened?? Can’t interact with the black part of the screen

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Hello everyone!

BCEN has finally got this stage! The drop reward of Relic Queen Bee is Slime Cat which is kinda OP, IMO. This stage will appear on January 26th ~ January 29th at 11am. This stage is RNG base due to Professor A.s. If Professor A. never procs, you’ll be fine. I recommend you to use the combos as I used in this video, strong, defense, and speed up. Strong and defense are for Manic Island and Island’s survivability while speed up combo is aimed for offensive units. If Manic Island and Island Cat move faster, they might be safe from getting cursed and be able to hit Professor A. more often.

Relic Queen Bee has 1,555,555 HP, deals 18,888 DMG, 999 range, LD: 888~1332, 100% curse for 111.1s.

Professor A. 200% has 640,000 HP, deals 13,600 DMG, 20% chance of slowing cat units.

Onehorn 2000% has 300,000 HP, deals 10,000 DMG there are 3 Onehorns in total.

Relic Doge is only 100% and there are 4 Relic Doges during battle.

Ginger Snache 500% has 60,000 HP, deals 9,000 DMG, spawn infinitely.

My Cats’ level:
1. Combo unit:
Unicycle Cat lv.35
Kiss and Koi lv.30
Lion Cat lv.20+80
Madam the Savannah lv.40
King Dragon Cat lv.20+80

2. Usable unit:
Manic Eraser lv.50
Manic Island lv.40
A-Bahamut lv.40
Island Cat lv.20+80
Bullet Train Cat lv.50

If your meatshield and cats are low level, I suggest you to bring Roe Cat as meatshield so that you can stall Professor A. quite long.

Battle Cats Glitch, how to get free daily

Battle Cats Bug

Battle Cats Bug

Food and XP HACK

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