Battlecats- Jailbreak Tunnel (lvl18)- The Great Escaper- unlocking Ururun wolf

Battle Cats Jailbreak

Battle Cats Jailbreak

Food and XP HACK

The Great Escaper-Battlecats- Line up and levels of cats shown at end.

If you extremely need food, test Battle Cats Hack together with Battle Cats Jailbreak.

More Cap Jail coming!

3 star versions!

RIP Doctress
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The Battle Cats [ Stories of Legend ] –

Jailbreak Diary is the first stage in Capone’s Jail .

# Equip ” left to right ” –
— Crazed Macho Cat
— Wall Cat
— Artist Cat
— Maximum the Fighter
— Michelangelo Cat
— Paris Cat
— Angry Delinquent Cat
— Megaphrodite
— Jizo’s Moving Castle
— God Dragon Kamukura

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